Health Professional Recovery Program

The Health Professional Recovery Program (HPRP) was established by legislation in 1993 as a non-disciplinary, treatment-oriented approach to assist health care professionals with substance use and/or mental health disorders. It provides for confidential referrals to treatment services before impairment causes patient harm or otherwise interferes with the professional’s ability to practice their profession.

To maintain the participant’s confidentiality, the HPRP is operated by a private entity under contract with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Health Care Services. The Health Professional Recovery Committee (HPRC) comprised of a representative from each of the health professional licensing boards, provides over-site of the program as well as setting policy and procedures for the contractor to follow.

In many cases, the Public Health Code allows for reporting directly to the HPRP, in lieu of the State for impairment issues. The identity of the individual, who in good faith reports the suspected impairment, is also confidential. Confidential referrals to the HPRP come from employers, colleagues, patients, family and self- reports, which allows a participant to enter into a monitoring agreement and obtain treatment for their condition without fear of disciplinary action or public disclosure. All records of a non-disciplinary HPRP participant are destroyed five years after successful completion of their monitoring agreement, provided there is no readmission. There is no cost for HPRP monitoring as it is paid for through licensing fees, but the participant is responsible for any costs associated with treatment and/or drug testing.

Persons determined to be appropriate for HPRP monitoring are required to comply with their treatment plan. Issues of non-compliance can result in case closure and a referral to the department for review, investigation and possible disciplinary action.

The HPRP also monitors health care professionals referred by their licensing board or the State of Michigan, due to disciplinary action, as a condition to regain or retain their license to practice their profession.

The HPRP Outreach Coordinator is available to provide informational presentations about the program at no charge. To arrange for a presentation, contact the HPRP Outreach Coordinator Susan Bushong at 517-335-1760 or by email at