Our organization is fueled by member volunteers who serve on one or more MAC committees. Each MAC committee is focused on a distinct goal and purpose. If interested in volunteering with one of our dedicated committees, please contact us.


The membership committee reviews all applications for memberships, monitors annual due receipts, provides notices of delinquency, and reviews member resignations or expulsions as necessary. The committee works on ways to improve membership engagement, such as the MAC newsletter and membership drives.

Chair: Sandy Yu


Megan Cherry

Rachel Fryatt


The nomination committee organizes the annual election of the executive board including soliciting nominations and monitoring a secure ballot.

Chair: Nicole Velander


The conference committee is charged with the preparation, staffing, management, and operation of the coalition’s annual conference. The committee provides quality educational opportunities for professionals and students in the state of Michigan, and in doing so, supports member engagement, advances the profession, and generates revenue for the organization.

Chair: Gabrielle Watson


Angelique Boerst – Registration

Megan Cherry – GlueUp Webmaster

Gregory Mannarelli – Poster Session

Lauren Denti – Social Media, Student Involvement

Emily Brandner – Registration, Student Involvement

Katie Schramm – Liaison to the Board

Jacob Sommers – Treasurer

Leah Bekker – Secretary

Angela Lasecki – Moderators

Kathryn Makowiec – Speakers

Malina Xiong – Exhibitors


The finance committee is chaired by the treasurer and provides financial oversight for the budget, funding strategies, and financial goals and proposals as necessary. The committee may partner with other committees when organization funding is required to advance committee goals. 

Chair: Jacob Sommers


Garrett Findlater

Terra Matthews

Public Relations

The public relations committee assists in maintaining a positive image of the organization by planning for and monitoring annual programming focused on public relations and public activities. Through social media and other outlets, the public relations committee promotes the field of audiology and the tenets of the organization.

Chair: Lauren Denti


Brittany Finkler

Angela Lasecki

Katie Schramm

Jackie Miller


The legislative committee works in close partnership with the MAC lobbyist to monitor state legislation and lobby professional and political issues affecting audiology in the state of Michigan. The committee may partner with other committees to advance issues that matter to MAC members.

Chair: Casey Stach


Erica Bennett

Chelsea Conrad

Nicole Velander

Ryan Liu

Student Outreach

The student outreach committee plans and organizes the annual MiSLAM meeting for AuD student leaders in the state of Michigan and other annual programming focused on student involvement and student issues in the state. The committee is focused on ways to increase student involvement within the greater organization.

Chair: Rachel Fryatt, Mary Kassa


Erica Bennett

Batoul Berri

Nicole Ferguson

Kathryn Makowiec

Crystal Pitts

Educational & Pediatric Audiology

The educational and pediatric audiology committee seeks to provide additional training, support, and partnership to audiologists in the state serving the pediatric population.

Chairs: Samantha Kesteloot, Katie Salathiel


Sheila Crehan

Michelle Garcia

Batoul Berri

Ann Howard

Bobbie Monroe

Lori Van Riper

Kate Woodburne

Amber Hermann

Anita Vereb

BethEllen Johnson

Danielle Wentworth

Jen Lyons

Katie Kuboshek

Lena Jamal

Nancy Gallihugh

Diversity and Inclusion

The diversity and inclusion committee seeks to increase diversity in the field of audiology, provide additional support and guidance to diverse communities, students, and professionals in the state of Michigan, and organize initiatives and events to educate members on diversity and inclusion associated topics and concerns.



Gabrielle Watson

Samantha Kesteloot

Fundraising (NEW!)

The fundraising committee is tasked with annual organization fundraising for various coalition goals, initiatives, and needs. The committee may partner with other committees to increase funding to endeavors of the organization, including but not limited to, conference and legislative advocacy.

Chairs: Emily Nairn, Mellissa Pozios


Nicole Velander

Nicole Satkowiak

Ashley Coners

Kassandra Fitzgerald

Kara Hotaling

Katie Kuboushek

Mug Club

The mug club plans and organizes annual social networking events for MAC members. Committee events are open to students and professionals and provide opportunities to meet others involved in the profession across the state of Michigan.

Chair: Kathryn Makowiec


Erica Bennett

Samantha Conn

Nicole Satkowiak