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This work continues following the merger of the Michigan Academy of Audiology (MAA) with the previous Michigan Audiology Coalition. Prior to 2016, these organizations operated as separate corporations with distinct goals. The previous Michigan Audiology Coalition organized the annual MAC on M.A.C conference while the Michigan Academy of Audiology focused on advocacy and representation. On January 1, 2016, the corporations officially merged under the name Michigan Audiology Coalition.

The Coalition will be led by a sixteen-member Transitional Board until May 31, 2019. The transitional board includes leadership from MAA and the conference planning group. In 2019, seven of the board seats will dissolve.

The Transitional Board is evaluating how to build upon and continue the important work of the previous organizations. We look forward to promoting audiologists throughout the state through collaboration with other organizations and advocacy efforts. Our organization grows stronger with the help of volunteers dedicated to the same cause. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the board if you have an idea of how to improve the organization or would like to volunteer.