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Hearing aid accessories can help overcome the challenges in certain difficult environments, such as those in which background noise, distance and poor acoustics make hearing difficult. Other accessories expand the versatility of your devices, keep them clean and make them easier to use. Some of the more popular hearing aid accessories include:

wireless bluetooth hearing aid accessWireless accessories. Bluetooth technology enables your hearing aids to communicate directly with a variety of electronic devices so you can stream music, television signals, phone calls and more right to your aids. Look for wireless microphones, streamers, remote controls and TV headsets.

hearing aid transmittersTransmitters and receivers. These items work in tandem to beam sounds directly from the source to your hearing aids, helping you to hear more clearly in situations where background noise, distance and poor acoustics can hamper your ability to follow along with conversations.

assistive listening devicesAssistive listening devices. ALDs are like personal amplifiers, and can be used with your hearing aids or as standalone components. A microphone placed near the speaker acts to amplify the sound, improving overall comprehension.

hearing aid adaptorsAdaptors and cords. Sometimes wireless signals are unreliable. Audio adaptors connect your hearing aids to other electronic devices, allowing direct input from music players, mobile phones, televisions, computers and more.

hearing aid wax cleaning loopCleaning kits. Versatile multi-tools or cleaning kits make cleaning your hearing aids easier and more effective. They typically include a number of useful tools such as a wax removal pick and brush, tube and vent cleaner, battery door opener and magnet for replacing your batteries.

hearing aid waxguardWax guards and filters. Earwax is inescapable. Unfortunately, it can clog up the ports on your hearing aids, leading to feedback and distortion. Wax guards and filters help trap earwax before it enters the hearing aids, preventing damage and extending their life.

hearing aid battieriesBatteries. It’s always helpful to have plenty of spare batteries on hand so you don’t end up somewhere unable to use your hearing aids.